How BIG A Life?

How Big a Life?

How Big a Life do you want?  What are your dreams? What are your hopes for your self, those you care for,  your kids?

How does government influence your aspirations? Does its operation help or hinder you? It is a tool of exploitation or a means of protection? Does it encourage or discourage meddling in each others lives?

“How Big a Life?” is a series of observations compiled into a short booklet taking a look at how we inadvertently shrink the opportunity each of us has every time we ask that government do something when it is better if WE did ourselves. How we turn law on its ear to force each other to give to causes in the name of good, and actually do incredible harm without appreciating the real and full damage done to all of us.

1. The Dilemma And Difficulty Of Law
2. No One Can Give You What Is Already Yours.
3. What’s Yours Is Not Mine; What’s Mine Is Not Yours
4. You Are As Free As You Allow Your Neighbor To Be.
5. Social Justice = No Justice
6. Government: Its Necessity Is Also Why It Should Be Limited & Restrained
7. Do You Have To Be Told How To Live?
8. Money in Your Wallet: Yours or Ours?
9. How Big A Life Do You Want?

“How Big a Life?” is not your typical “self-help” book. It is, however, likely one that will forever give you the tools to ensure you have the best possible life potential for you and those you love for years to come.

Included are relevant resources providing you with more information on increasing your life potential and thought-provoking quotes for inspiration and reflection to keep you focused on achieving the best for yourself and those you care for.

You can get your free copy now here!

How BIG a Life do you really want?

The book is free. However, if How Big A Life provokes reflection, and impacts you positively, please share it with others.

Donations for the book and this site are appreciated.

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