One of the Best Summations of 2014

In one of the best summations of 2014, and the West in general, English filmmaker Adam Curtis asks some very basic questions of the British economy– questions that really apply to the entire Western World.
How is it, for example, that UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne can tell his nation that the economy is growing… but at the same time wages are going down?

How is it possible that the deficit is going down… but the deficit is also going up?

Why is the British government cutting spending by billions of pounds, but the central bank is pumping billions of pounds back in to the economy?

How is it that those billions of pounds being pumped into the economy are only making their way into the hands of the wealthiest people?

And how is it possible that no one seems to know? That no major mainstream media outlet is covering the story of the greatest transfer of wealth in history?

One can ask these same questions for nearly every western nation that has engaged in Quantitative Easing… most notably the United States.

The answer is pretty clear. As Curtis shows in just five simple minutes, this is the modern day version of Orwell’s world— it’s power through propaganda and confusion. See for yourself:

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