Roughly six years after the last recession began, the image of economic decline is still fresh in people’s minds, and they’re scared.

Desperate for security and certainty in employment, people have turned to the one entity that also prioritizes employment for employment’s sake rather than value creation and promises jobs without having the means to afford them. We’re talking about the government of course.

Communism came to the Soviet Union and China riding on precisely these fears, and brought with them government provided employment.

There, people no longer had to worry about unemployment, because jobs were simply assigned by the central government. Assigned according to their abilities as well as to what was needed by the nation.

So in exchange for job security, the people gave up the freedom to choose what they would spend their lives doing.

Appealing to people’s fears about employment in the United States comes a bill that takes a very similar approach today.

Introduced recently in Congress is the H.R. 4758: Skills Connection Act1 , which calls for the creation of “a searchable database, containing a credentials registry, a skills database, and a jobs bank.”

Essentially, this would create a centralized system to track people’s skills and be able to automatically assign jobs to people with the appropriate skills.

Just the same, the development of a so-called skills database by the state lays the foundation for assigning employment, not based on your interests, but by what your skills are determined to be and what is supposedly the best for the nation.

It’s a central planner’s dream.

Reprinted with permission by Sovereign Man Society



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