Should you trust government with your healthcare?

When one considers the following:

  • administrative paperwork was deliberately implemented to deceive the public as to what was actually occurring within the VA system (over 100,000 known cases – see USA Today article),
  • the way the entire ACA bill was drafted behind closed doors without opposition input or debate and outright bribery to garner the necessary votes to pass the law “so you can find out what’s in the law”,
  • the website debacles (states and federal), not to mention the incidents cited in the articles below,
  • the continued obfuscation on how many are actually enrolled and paid (a simple capability of any modern computer – simple math)

….is there any evidence you should trust government with your healthcare, other than blind faith?

Full Disclosure: Parents Fault Medical Research Study for Putting Preemies in Harm’s Way

The ACA: Some Unpleasant Welfare Arithmetic – research_brief_no._3.pdf.


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