Most Favor a Flat Tax

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Would you be free? Would you want your children and grandchildren to enjoy liberty? Then this is a pivotal moment in your life’s history.

How does it make any sense to allow a tax system so complex only those with the very best (and usually most expensive) tax accountants and attorneys? Shouldn’t it be as straightforward and simple as possible?

How does it make any sense to allow a tax system which makes it easy for those with friends in high places (politicians, regardless of party affiliations) to game the system? Shouldn’t be easily transparent and accountable to and for all?

Why allow a tax code which permits politicians to: (1) play us against one another; (2) hand out favors to their supporters (buy votes); (3) use it to punish their political enemies (thought we were a free people); (4) manipulate our economy in favor of those who support their political careers; (5) makes it nearly impossible to know what one’s tax responsibility is?

A simplified tax code, like the flat tax, permits full transparency and eliminates the ability of politicians to carve out favors for their friends and supporters, it ensures ease of compliance for everyone, it also restricts government from inordinate expansion to the costly detriment of every citizen. A Flat Tax, coupled with a spending cap, would allow every person to keep and use more of their own money. In turn our economy would become robust again and everyone would gain from it.

Why allow government to force us to fight over scraps?

Some will say, “Who then will take care of……” Answer: WE will, as individuals. We always have. But the coercive force of government where some bureaucrat tells you that if you don’t support such-n-such a program then you have no heart, is merely trying to ease their own conscience at the expense of your freedom. So, if you or I do not lend help to some designated cause we are heartless, cruel individuals, simply because we choose to help in a method or a cause differing from that of the elected official. What made them our judges? Do we work for them or are they public servants? Are they lords and royalty that can command us to do their bidding?

Or are we free citizens who by virtue of our very lives have the inherent and inalienable right to make use of our property, our monies, our labor and our time as we see fit, whether those who legislate agree with it or not?

Add to this discussion, the apparent weaponizationof an agency of the federal government to pursue, harass and silence political opponents, particularly the Treasury Department, then we are very close to despotism.

A simplified tax code would reduce the need for a monstrously large bureaucracy and all of its ancillary offshoots. It would also make compliance by all citizens much less time consuming. Further, everyone, business owners, politicians, agencies, individuals could make much better use of their time and energies via a robust economy.

Those who believe in a progressive tax system also believe categorizing individuals for political purposes. There’s is no justification for arbitrarily making one individual pay a larger percentage of his or her earnings simply due to success. On its very face it is blatantly a punishment of success in the name of fairness; when true fairness is treating everyone equally. That way every individual contributes according to his or her ability. Anything other than some form of a flat tax is a contrivance for the politically motivated, who either seek some manipulative advantage or prefer structural power to coerce according to their conscience to the destruction of individual freedom.

If you would be free, then a flat tax ends what inequities and favoritism that can be from the very structural fabric of our government. The legislator can no longer use the tax code to benefit either himself or his cronies; businesses can plan with confidence in a predictable system; and you and I can take fifteen minutes to fill out our taxes rather than buy expensive software

The question is: do you really want to be free? Or would you rather trust someone, a government bureaucrat perhaps, to take care of you?

References (Flat & Fair Tax concepts):

Amety Shales: Calvin Coolidge

We’re told you cannot simultaneously cut taxes, shrink the size of government and increase revenues for government and invigorate the economy. Really? They’ve either not read any history (particularly modern US history) or they are deliberately ignoring it (whatever their reason is).



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